10 Things Your SEO Packages Should Include

SEO packages Brisbane specialists believe that a successful campaign is one that brings quality, qualified traffic flows through to your site, not just empty vanity metrics. In today’s market, there are literally thousands of SEO companies around the world that are anxious to help small businesses improve their sales by expanding their internet ranking. They all offer various packages and some even customize the packages that they offer to provide the perfect service for the business. Some companies offer standard packages that really don’t do that great a job for the customer because the “really beneficial services” are those “extras” that don’t come in the standard package; however, for a “nominal fee” those extras can be purchased along with the standard package. Rule number 1 – stay away from those SEO services that offer standard SEO Packages which can be expanded on for those services that are really needed – for a fee.

Customized SEO packages those are affordable, yet offer best solution to your business needs are hard to find. It doesn’t really matter what the number of keywords and key phrases that are in the web site when the SEO Packages are considered, because these packages should always include the following:

  1. Research and Analysis on the keywords and key phrases with complete recommendations for ranking of the keywords
  2. Current ranking analysis for each keyword or key phrase
  3. Top 10 competitors for use of the keyword or key phrase
  4. On-page and off-page optimization recommendations that includes the title, description, tags, contents, etc.
  5. Sitemap creation and submission if it is not already included.
  6. Setup of Google analytics
  7. Setup of keystroke reporting
  8. Building the links
  9. Additional services as needed such a forum links, directory submissions, and bookmarks for social networking sites – the additional costs depends on the number of links requested.
  10. Blog postings are also provided, along with submissions for articles also come with a cost, but they are affordable, and they are optional.

When the SEO Packages are identified by the SEO service providers, the best bet is to look for SEO providers who include all of these areas in their “package”. Many just offer the top 10 competition rankings and keyword ranking – which are certainly helpful, but insufficient for what they are charging, when much more is needed to make the website successful in terms of rankings.

Look for affordable SEO Packages that guarantee results every time and can provide contact to credible references that have used their services and found them to be extremely successful. However, don’t expect to see a 100% increase in traffic overnight, because getting these rankings take time, and the steady rise in traffic to the site over a period of time actually results in better rankings by the crawlers and SEO optimization engines. Many sites have temporary rapid increase in traffic only to fall off again in a few days – generally because of some special or a reason they are in the news. The continued increase is sustainable and generates better business and steady rankings.

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