Advanced Mechanisms of Car Body Repairs

Breakthrough paint protection can also be used to protect your headlights and windshield from cracking or chipping the glass. Some people are under misconceptions that if the overall condition of their car is good they should not be much worried about the servicing of it. They are not aware of the environmental factors which might have contributed in the wear and tear of it. Your car might have got lots of scratches, cracks and dents which may seem beyond repair. Color also might have faded. But to your much excitement there are some advanced auto shops having special expertise and knowledge in budget friendly car body repairs.

Below are some of the advanced mechanisms of car body repairs:

Synchronizing New Paint with Old One

If your car requires paint then it should match 100% with the existing paint. Doesn’t make any difference whether you want whole body painting or a part of it. For analyzing the existing color of your vehicle help of photo spectrometer is taken. Later on an exact matching color is derived by implying a computerized system. After that your car gets painted with a perfect finish and to your much excitement, it looks like a brand new car.

Dent Repair without Paint

Dent is a depression in car body caused by pressure when your vehicle interacts with other vehicles or hard surfaces. When it happens at corners then it is very much obvious looking and difficult to repair. But to your much relief, nowadays advanced dent repair techniques are being implied without paint. The dent affected parts are brought back to its usual shape with the help of some special tools without damaging the paints. If dents are at difficult positions then fill and spray techniques are adopted.

Straightening of Body Frame

If your car has collided with another vehicle or heavy object then the body frame gets damaged sidelong. It requires straightening with the help of a computerized tool. The disagreement in the alignment of the frame is calculated with the help of an ultrasound technology. Afterwards it is perfectly aligned with laser.

SMART Car Body Repair

This is mainly used to repair small damages like scratched paint yet difficult as only damaged areas needs to be sprayed and that too very smartly. It is generally required for brand new cars. Some auto shops provide car body repair services at your door. You can search for the local ones on internet.

All these modern techniques of car body repair will definitely help in looking your car like a new one apart from incrementing its re-saleable value.