Charity Related Challenges- Offshore Fundraising And Travel

Donating to charity is always satisfying thing to do because you can help other people. According to the Institute of Fundraising: “the factor that distinguishes ‘a charity challenge event’ is that the participant is also receiving a quite notional profit, which in several cases has a monetary value associated, and seeks to fund-raise from supporters in respect of their participation”.

Can smaller charities get in on the act?

In a word: yes! Supporters of smaller charities can raise funds by collaborating in any number of ‘open’ overseas challenge events, organized by charity challenge tour operators corresponding to Classic Tours, Charity Challenge and also the final Travel Company’s Ultimate Challenges.

Charity challenges: the benefits and drawbacks

There’s no doubt that overseas challenges will have immense advantages for the best charities:

Long-term support: The adventure holiday challenge experience, with its sense of shared action and real hardships overcome, frequently transports into long-term support.

Sustained advance exposure: It is known that those taking part in major overseas travel challenges will possibly get engaged in fundraising for several months before an event takes place. Charities regarding kids with cancer thereby benefit greatly from sustained public exposure.

Mission and message – the double whammy: For cancer awareness charities, offshore travel challenges also are a great way of reinforcing the approach to life decisions they aim to market additional generally: exercise, healthy uptake etc.

But it isn’t all positive. It is important to consider the following, too:

The economic climate: The best charities recommend that the worsening has doubtless affected overseas challenges, but in subtle ways. According to Denise Davies, Head of Community Fundraising at the Motor people are now emphasizing in their ‘must do’ experiences. In response, the MND Association has modified its strategy, specializing in providing the overseas charity challenge ‘big 3’: Mount Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and also the rampart of China. Kate Favell at the BHF reports that fundraisers also are finding it more durable, and needing longer, to lift support. Thus it is important to stay in touch with the participants to assist them if they have extra inspiration or innovative fundraising ideas.

The charity/challenge balance: Experts warns charities against being seduced into providing multiple exotic events.

Tour operators: role and selection

The number of companies specialising in overseas charity challenges is growing, and also the tour operator you select can play an important role in making certain your success. In theory, operators handle the supplying of composition the journey vacation travel challenge, whereas charities are answerable for promotion and the collection of monies.

In reality, it is rarely clear cut, and tour operators generally offer extensive support and advice on such problems as promotion. Planning and legal considerations should also be considered. Indeed, this will vary to a considerable extent. But you should always keep in mind the tips of the Charity Commissioner before working on the challenge.