Know All About the Fashionable UGG Boots

As the legend goes “ugg” comes from the word “ugly” and the term “UGG boots” meant “ugly boots”. These boots originated in Australia; they have fleece on the inside and are made out of sheepskin. These boots often have synthetic sole and their outer surface is tanned. During the time of their origin, these boots might have looked ugly but over the years they have gained popularity and are now a great hit with trendsetters and celebrities too. These incredibly soft and warm boots are available in both tall and short styles. They also come in different colours like purple, pink, brown and other neutral colours. The Classic Ultra Mini ugg boots for women updates our most iconic silhouette with a lower shaft height, adding easy on-off and enhanced versatility.

The sheepskin boots are often flat heeled slip ons, some even have laces and chunky heels. These incredible boots are available for both men and women and can be worn without socks. These boots have thermostatic properties because they are made of sheepskin. As the inner parts of the boots are made of fleece, they allow circulation of air and also wicks away moisture, thus maintaining the body temperature of the feet.

During World War 1 aviators used to wear “fug boots” which were similar to the modern UGG boots. As early as the 1930s Australian farmers who wanted to keep their feet warm wore such boots. In the 1960s Australian surfers also wore such boots to keep their feet warm. In mild winters, Australians wear similar boots and go around their houses.

Previously “ugg” was a generic term which referred to Australian sheepskin boots but now UGG is a popular brand name for boots. There are different styles of boots under this brand that are a huge hit with fashion conscious people. These boots lasts long and can be worn for even 10 long years. Flat slippers, boots with heels and sheepskin cuffs, boots with decorative laces, classic boots and many more styles are available. The sizes vary and so does the colour. They fit well and are extremely comfortable.

Boots for men come in black, grey and chocolate colours. UGG boots for women come in pink, purple and other vibrant colours. These boots are great to be worn in cold weather but should not be worn in excessively wet and muddy conditions. These sheepskin boots can effectively wick away moisture but they also cause excessive sweating of the feet. If the boots are worn without socks, the sweat from the feet directly affects the fleece lining of the boot. Most of the people who have worn these boots for a long period without socks have complained of sweaty feet and malodorous boots. Read more reviews before buying boots for women.

Some Ugg boots are also made from kangaroo leather and fur. There are some similar synthetic boots which are considered to be fake and are cheap. As these boots are one of the many products which are made from animal skin they have been often subjected to criticism. A group of people who formed the animal liberating movement demand these boots to be boycotted and to be replaced by those that are not made out of animal skin.

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