Which Digital Signage Company Should You Choose?

Best Sydney Signage are perfect strategy to improve branding on your business. Are you looking for solutions related to digital signage? For all those who are new to the world of digital signage what we are referring to is flat led display screens which are used to broadcast messages, images, videos which incudes, text and multimedia such as audio and video to a target set of audience.

After reading this article you will have a clear understanding of the various types of companies which exist in this space which appear to the be the same however there is a minor variation in the offerings that they offer. This gets more complicated when you are looking for a digital signage company on Google search. This can confuse you because these companies majorly target the same keywords. However, once you are able to make out the difference between them by looking at their key offerings and USPs it will be very easy for any individual to zero down on a company which best suits or best fits the requirements and the specifications of the client.

There are majorly 4 different types of companies which appear to be offering services and solutions related to digital signage:

  1. Digital signage software companies
  2. Audio visual companies
  3. Digital signage hardware companies
  4. Hybrid digital signage offerings

These are some of the classifications as per the offering of the services which is provided by the firms which are operating in the digital signage space. We will have a look at each one of them in detail.

Digital signage software companies: These are the companies which only design the software which is used to manage and render the content on to these digital signage screens. Just to manage the content which is to be displayed to the way in which the content is processed before it is displayed and the way in which it is displayed all these things are managed by the digital signage software. There are many such companies which only provide the software support for the digital signage and generally refer to their partner companies in case of hardware requirements for the system. These kinds of companies are purely software based companies. So in case you already have the hardware requirement in place and you are looking for customised software solutions according to your needs or just software to run and support the system you can contact these companies.

Audio visual companies: Nowadays a lot of digital signage companies are venturing into the digital signage space and are portraying themselves as digital signage firms. They basically provide the video conferencing, tele-conferencing service such as managing webinars for corporates. Basically, these companies setup networks for corporate environment by cabling and wiring installation.

Digital signage hardware companies: There are one stop solution providers who provide support for both the hardware and software components of the digital signage. In these types of companies also there are bifurcations related to the revenue model which they operate on. We in this article will only give you a brief of it as there are many different ways in which the classifications can be done.

Hybrid model: These companies follow a different revenue model and their offering does depend upon their revenue mode that the customers opt for. These are the companies which are more focused on the advertising and marketing for the brands. They do provide the complete solutions and also install the display at the required place at minimal cost. However, the customer does not completely own the display and in this case the company earns by the revenue it gets from the ads. In some cases companies also operate on a revenue sharing basis in which they pay the part of the ad revenue with the customers. In the other cases there are also companies who provide the complete system installed at your place in which you can own the entire hardware and also can earn by displaying ads on it. However, in this case you will have to arrange for the advertisers for the display.

In the world of digital signage there are various such applications, as some of them use digital signage for internal communications (such as banks and stock broking/ financial firms) and some do use it for outdoor communications. Some have a limited use such as display of token in hospitals and some of the movie theatres use it for displaying the snacks menu and the timetable of the upcoming shows. There are always numerous ways in which one can make use of the digital signage to make brand communications more effective and efficient. And digital signage firms are coming up with customized solutions according to the client’s requirements and specifications.

Under the modern day solutions digital signage firms have come up with the following:

  1. Cloud digital signage – under this type some of the digital signage firms have started to provide forever free digital signage service this model gives the liberty for the client to manage their digital signage display from anywhere across the globe.
  2. Ad engine – In which the customer can choose the various screens at various geo locations and will only have to pay according to the time he is utilizing these screens at these locations. This will save the time and hassle required to purchase and install the whole systems. This works on a subscription model. Others take advantage of the vehicle signage to advertise their products.